Como habilitar acceso al usuario ‘sa’ a Sql server en remoto

Si al acceder en remoto con MS Sql Server Manager o por linea de comandos aparece el mensaje de error de derechos, este post puede resolver este problema.

TCP configuration
Launch: SQL Server Configuration Manager
Expand: SQL Server Network Configuration
Double click: TCP/IP
Change Enabled to Yes
Switch to tab: IP Addresses
Clear out TCP Dynamic Ports
Fill in the port on which you want to accept remote access calls. E.g.: TCP Port: 1433

“sa” user configuration
Launch: SQL Server Server Management Studio
Login by using Windows Authentication
Right click on your server and choose Properties
Select tab Security
Set Server Authentication to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode
Save configuration
In the left tree, expand Security > Logins
Double click on the sa user
Uncheck: Enforce password policy and Enforce password expiration
Assign a password for the sa user
Open tab Status and put Login to Enabled